The permanent nurse recruiting program you are reviewing has been created in response to the healthcare industry’s need for new and innovative solutions to staffing demands caused by the severe nursing shortage in the United States and abroad.

It would be difficult today for you to think of a hospital or medical center not in need of a registered nurse. Whether it is the issue of aging nurses, declining school enrollment, human longevity, or the ever complicated issue of Doctor/Registered Nurse income to workload ratio; there are certainly issues.

MED+STAFF INTERNATIONAL has recruited exclusively from the country of India for seven years. We are the best source for bright and knowledgeable professionals who can make an immediate and profound impact on your organization. This will allow your group to work its way through the nursing shortage. Our relationships with certified healthcare professionals in India enable us to supply you with the talent needed to meet your critical staffing demands and enable you to fulfill your commitment of quality patient care

While working with MED+STAFF INTERNATIONAL, you will find us to be a dedicated team, each with our own strengths as a foreign nurse recruiter. We will handle all the hassles and deliver only qualified nurses who are ready to work. Our strategy to help curb the nursing shortage includes a targeted search to identify and recruit qualified foreign nurses. Utilizing our full service search and screening process, we are able to meet your demands for quantity without compromising quality.

As a foreign nurse recruiter we understand it to be imperative that we represent only the most qualified candidates and we match each candidate’s skills and expertise with the specific needs of your organization. Each of you will have your own strategy for dealing with the current nursing shortage and Med+Staff International would very much like to be a part. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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